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bout improv. Follow Sean on Twitter: @seanlondon" />

Downright Upright

Jan 9

Find a Coach at - Los Angeles


Hey guys, there’s a new website that helps you find the precious commodity of an improv coach! You can also rate coaches, and other coaching related stuff. Also I’m a coach on there. Book you r coach today!

Jan 8


I wrote this with @jordanpeele.  There’s only room for one guy yelling “nooice” at a dance battle.  But what if there was two?

Fun Fact: The Bus Driver is played by Eddie “GrapeVine” Fordham Jr.  A very funny dude.

Is everyone following Colton’s tumblr? He posts the sketches he writes for Key & Peele. I love knowing what sketches he wrote and it all kinda makes sense, though admittedly any Colton Dunn sketch also seems like to me it could be a Charlie Sanders sketch, so I don’t know.

Jan 7

Twoprov, One Night Stand, Wednesday Night Riot, plugs, hugs, love

I love watching two-person improv. I feel like being in every scene really forces the performer to be present and something purer emerges. Watching Dierkes & Fernie perform, or Heather & Miles, or Mantzoukas and Parham is like stepping inside of their heads and seeing how their brains work.

I am very pleased to announce that I am booking for Miles Stroth’s new show One Night Stand. Every week, he’ll be performing a two-person show with a different improviser. We have some great, great, GREAT guests lined up, and you’re gonna see some shows you’d never normally see. 

The very first show will bring together Miles Stroth with… CHARLIE SANDERS (Shitty Jobs, Reuben Starship, writer for Key & Peele). This ought to be really interesting. Miles is one of the most technical performers I know of and Charlie’s one of the least technical. In any other universe, there’s no reason they’d do a show together, bu t tomorrow they will! 

And not to give too much away, but the next week will be Miles + Nicole Byer. How cool is that? What’s that gonna be?

Anyway guys, sorry this has been a long plug, but this is the first Riot of the year and it features a new show that will be AMAZING. Plus, there’s the Reddit WTF Show, The Riot, and Twilight Zone-prov. 

Check it out!

Jan 6

Let go of being right, be ready to serve what is there.

- Joe Bill (via montrealimprov)

Don’t Reach. Have Faith in Discovery

This is the advice I’ve been giving myself in scenes a lot lately. Don’t reach.

It happens all the time. I’m in a scene, and I see it: something. Some joke, some call out I think is great, some opportunity to do an impression of Bob Dylan, some tag-in, some walk-on, some anything. I see it and I feel myself start to reach for it. It’s not right in front of me and it’s certainly not in front of the audience, but I reach for it and I do it… and it bombs. Every time.

The timing is off, the audience doesn’t get it, it heightens too quickly… for all these reasons it bombs. Do you know what I mean by reaching? Does anyone else feel that? Is that just a me thing?

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Nov 7

Harold Audition Advice Round-up

So Harold auditions at UCB LA are TOMORROW. And I know we’re all supposed to be like, “Let’s just have fun!” and “Well, you know getting on a Harold team isn’t everything!” and “I don’t have to throw up right now!” But come on. So anyway, here’s some Harold advice reading material for you, I compiled. You’ve probably read it all before, but reading it 20 more times won’t hurt. Enjoy and see you tomorrow! (but be warned, I heard the crew that’s auditioning at 6:20 on Friday is really excellent will probably book all the available slots. Sorry, dudes.)

Round-up after the break:

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Nov 1
The Manifesto Show will be holding their 2nd Annual Turkey Shoot Three-Man Tournament November 15th at 8pm.
In order to compete please submit to with the subject TURKEY...



The Manifesto Show will be holding their 2nd Annual Turkey Shoot Three-Man Tournament November 15th at 8pm.
In order to compete please submit to with the subject TURKEY SHOOT and include the following information: Team Name, Player’s Names, Coach Name, Consistency of practice and Form.

Submissions will be accepted until Midnight Sunday November 10th.

The Champion team (by audience vote) will be rewarded with a full month residence run at The Manifesto Show in January of 2014!!!

This will be fun.

The question I'm using for my dissertation is 'Should there be limits to comedy?' like, should there be any subjects that are off limits and such. It'd be great to hear what you think. Cheers.


Of course there should be limits to comedy!  There should be - and are - limits to everything in the world, comedy included.  

If jumping wasn’t limited by gravity, people would fly into space and die.  If life wasn’t limited by disease and death, our parents wouldn’t have met, because Atilla the Hun would be president, which would have been distracting.  

And if everybody was able to be funny any time they wanted, laughing would be like breathing, and jokes wouldn’t be remarkable.  If there were no limits on comedy, there would be no comedy, because comedy is essentially something done wrong.  You’re not supposed to throw a pie at someone’s face.  Pies are for eating, faces are for scowling.  A person is supposed to knock on your door with their hand, they’re not supposed to say “knock knock,” and if they do, when you ask who’s there, they should have a name like Mark Johnson, not a long ass sentence.  And nobody that owns a baseball team with a guy on first named “Who” should be unprepared for the question “Who’s on first.”  They should call him by his first name or call him “Mister Who.” 

They should.  Technically speaking.  There should certainly be limits to comedy.  

Because, technically speaking, nothing funny should ever happen.

Guys, I’m hosting my first bit show TOMORROW, Wednesday 10/30 at 9PM. I’m hosting as Freddy Chad Kroeger (that is, of course, New Line Cinema’s Freddy Krueger and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger combined into one perfect person) and I’ll be joined by my...

Guys, I’m hosting my first bit show TOMORROW, Wednesday 10/30 at 9PM. I’m hosting as Freddy Chad Kroeger (that is, of course, New Line Cinema’s Freddy Krueger and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger combined into one perfect person) and I’ll be joined by my buddy and fellow Soulmate Mark Schroeder, as the Ghost of Robert Stack, and of course, Wedneday Night Riot favorite, TROPICAL MUMMY (The Riot’s Katie Osborne). All that and lots and lots of bits. Bits on bits on bits.

PLUS! After the bit show REBECCA DRYSDALE will be putting on a one-night only twoprov show with MILES STROTH.

And after that? Party! Come out! Watch us make stupid! I promise I’ll update this blog more! Okay bye!

Check out the Facebook event for more details.

Improv As Religion


A cult. A philosophy. A religion.

These are the terms people use to describe improv. The casual outsider would be amazed at how intensely some people view improv. It’s just a way to make jokes, right? Or a some guidelines for brainstorming together in public? Well, yes, it is those things. And to some people that’s all it is.

But something in the language of our culture communicates something grander. And so, those of us who really get into it, we automatically probe all of the advice we get for our scenes for something more.

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